Patrice Shavone Brown, a Mental Health Counselor and professional who served the mental health population since 2003.  Founded on October 15, 2011, Restoring Bodies And Minds LLC. Brown was motivated to start a facility simply because she had a sister and mother that struggled with sickness. Brown recalls as a child, she helped her uncle at his family care home that served adults with mental illness. Restoring Bodies And Minds is a Mental Health Service that serves adults that struggle to maintain good mental health. Restoring Bodies And Minds is a counseling group that operates with the person-centered and cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach to help adults transition within their everyday lives.

Restoring Bodies And Minds LLC is located in Henderson, North Carolina. We serve adults that have severe and persistent mental illness. Our mission is to promote change and growth in each individual that we serve by teaching, counseling and coaching adults coping techniques to live with mental illness. It is important to restore your body and mind by facing the challenges of everyday hardships that hold you back. At our day program, we assist adults to restore by teaching and assisting with daily living skills, education, job skills, social skills, and financial literacy.  We also assist with individual support services that help with housing placement. We value each person we serve as you begin your restoration process. Change begins when you want to change! Contact us today if you live in the five-county area and need to join a day program for support or if you need housing assistance! 


We gladly accept private pay, Medicaid recipients, don't hesitate to call.

Contact information:900 Dorsey Ave Henderson NC 27536 | Office:(252) 598-0430 | Fax: (252) 598-0774