A Fat Girl’s Confidence Pledge

I pledge to be me. I love myself excessively. My family cares for me and I know this because they support me. I can call on God when I need help. I pledge to never let my negative thoughts get me down in my feelings. I will not continue to procrastinate through emotion. I have learned that keeping my feelings bottled-up is the old me and I no longer know that person. I am now a successful woman because I have started to love me. I pledge to love myself, boldly and unapologetically. I am confident that I can master all my short-term goals of building my self-esteem, self-image and inner beauty within five years. I will master my long-term goals within the next ten years.

Yours truly,

Patrice Shavone Brown.

A bold, beautiful, confident fat girl with a dream.

Please come back and review this Pledge as the years go by. Keep it in a safe place. If your goals are to lose weight, come back and look at your Fat Girl’s Confidence Pledge as you compare and contrast your growth. We will all grow together.


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A Fat Girl’s Confidence

Most people think big girls have low self esteem and do not feel as sexy as the models with the perfect bodies that we constantly see on TV. I never knew there was anything wrong with me until I kept seeing people on TV telling me I was too fat, too sloppy and definitely ugly.

Every commercial emphasizes the need to have that perfect plastic-factory body. While everyone think that fat is sloppy or unattractive, I have learned to embrace it. I choose to live my life fat, free and fabulous! And I am here to motivate you. Patrice Shavone Brown reveals her truth and secrets to being and becoming a proud fat girl.

As you read this book, you will discover the confidence that you never thought you could have. Join the Confident Fat Girls Movement with Patrice Shavone Brown. “Let’s be the beauty they all said we could never be,” she concludes.

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