How to Gain Back Your confidence

There are times where unexpected loss can just drain every single poise in you or gradually startles your confidence and this happens to every single of us.

You failed in an interview, exams, received a sad feedback, lose a job, or a loved one are setbacks that could weigh you down in more ways than one and this can make you feel like you have got the world on your shoulders and affect your approach to things all around you. So how do you flip the script and get back to the old you? Here are a few tips that can definitely help

Overcome your fears

We all have our fears and phobias for different things entirely. Some might be the fear of failure, commitment, darkness, insects and some other mundane things. However, one failure very common and likely to rattle your confidence is the fear of failure.

Your failure is meant to be seen as a chance to learn more. Try to use it as an advantage because it’s just another chance to get you stronger, gain more perspective and know much better about ourselves. And make sure you don’t hide those failures each time you overcome them. Make yourself influential and inspiring by sharing some of those experiences with others.

Take charge of your thoughts

It’s normal to feel depressed and frustrated each time you remembered, “oh you would have been the senior manager, but you failed the little task that was given to you. It’s okay you felt that way but dwelling on those thoughts is never a better idea. Actively make decisions to change every thought that reminds you of your low self-esteem. Every time you doubt yourself, do things to overcome those thoughts. Subsequently, try to be aware of your self-thought, how you think of your self and what you do. Moreover, each time you have any doubt you, catch it, stomp on it and kill it.

Dress active

This trite here still work so perfectly. It’s even practiced in our daily life. Our dress gives us 60% confidence, that’s why we always feel on top of the world each time we dress amazingly beautiful. However, it also makes you look presentable, and successful making you feel good and ready to tackle the world.

Walk upright

A good posture can go a long way in determining your fate. For instance, most employers can presume you are weaker if you walk into their office looking all slouchy with your posture. You build your confidence each time you walk straight and tall like you are ready to mount.

Your upright posture goes a long way in building your confidence since people who stand tall looks more attractive and confident. Perhaps all these may not work as fast as you may desire but consistent practice on some of it can get you better.

Patrice BrownComment