Believe In Yourself, And The World Will Take Shape

Beauty does come in diverse sizes and shapes ranging from slim to plus sized. As a plus-sized lady, who is accustomed to seeing the society idolize slim ladies, it might be a little hard to appreciate your unique brand of attraction. Truthfully, if every woman were to be slim, the world would be a boring place altogether. You are the spice that makes so many things more colorful. Those well-rounded hips and extra endowments by nature serves a positive purpose. So it's time to walk low self-esteem out the door and begin to believe in yourself some more.

1)    Being Big Does Not Imply Unfitness:

Many people have the conception that a plus sized lady is probably unfit and battling some illness. This cannot be further from the truth, and this sadly bestows inferiority complex on several women. That said, in reality, a majority of plus sized women try to live healthy lives and so ward off illnesses. So, as a plus sized woman, embrace your beauty, stay fit and rock your world.

2)    Bask In The Attention:

Those well robust curves, extra layer of beautiful skin and endowments of nature never really fall short of appealing and in fact attracts admiration from a lot of men. Let's face it, as a plus sized woman, deciding to rock a bikini, a casual outfit or a sophisticated branded piece of clothing effortlessly pulls in so much attention. Such attention is not as easily gotten by slim ladies. This is all the more reason you should back bench any negative vibe and exude confidence.

3)    Remember That True Beauty Is Power:

Real in-depth beauty is born from the inside and is minimally influenced by external appearances. The understanding of this should propel you to validate yourself and work on a charming personality. Belief in yourself and don’t swap who you are for the purpose of conforming to anyone’s beauty standards. Only then can you reflect the true beauty that is power.

4)    The Fright Factor:

Slim ladies might be attractive, but you just can't help but notice the fact that they look frail most of the time. It's almost like they can't stand their grounds in a confrontation. On the other hand, before anyone intimidates a plus-sized lady, there is a warning bell that rings in their head. It is the fear of the unknown. What if her size is matched with strength? With this factor men and women alike would be slower to confronting or assaulting you as they would a slim lady

5)    Look In The Mirror And Reaffirm Yourself Of How Perfect You Are:

A vital key to boosting your body confidence is appreciating and accepting yourself. As a form of therapy, you can look in the mirror and affirm to yourself just how perfect you are.

Overall, self-belief is the first step to shaping your world. Love your body, idolize those curves, have an amazing personality and evolve into that big bold, confident woman that everyone would admire. Shape your world.


Patrice BrownComment