How To Boost Your Self Confidence Using Self Love Tips As A Plus Sized Woman

Living in a world where there are so many standards of beauty can be tough. Growing trying to conform might always make you feel like you’re trapped, and unable to breathe. As a plus sized woman, it is really hard to be yourself. It’s almost like there’s always someone or something reminding you of your “inadequacies”. Always telling you to watch what you eat and what you wear, reminding you that you’re ugly. If you’ve ever been in this type of situation then you do know the feeling that comes with it. The feeling of disgust, not being enough, and depression. However, there are so many ways that you, as a plus sized woman can improve your self esteem.

Self confidence comes from deep within us. It isn’t bought or transferred. If we do not feel good from within, then we will not be self confident. This is the reason why so many expert advice leans towards practicing self love. Self-love goes beyond putting on nice outfits and going out with a couple of friends. Now, even though this is important, there are certain ways to love yourself from within.

Speak Your Importance

This might be a weird practice, but telling yourself how important and beautiful you are, goes a long way. The society might have you thinking there’s only one color, shape, and size of beauty, but that’s wrong. Always reminding yourself of this fact will make you believe it, especially because, they are your words.

Appreciate Your Physical Appearance

If you’re a plus sized woman, then you would realize how difficult it is for women to be fashionable before. Even now, most plus sized women tend to cover up their bodies, because they think they feel it should be that way. Well, it shouldn’t! You should learn to love yourself. You can start by waking up every day, looking yourself in the mirror, and say you’re beautiful. Once you accept the fact, you would naturally opt for clothes that accentuates your amazing body. I had my struggles with my weight but things only began to fall into place when I embraced myself and my love for me grew in leaps and bounds. You need to love you because you are amazing just the way you are.

Surround Yourself With Nature

A very therapeutic way of practicing self love is embracing your natural habitat. Sure, you don’t have to be crude and go all wild, but sometimes, take a trip. Go to your favorite park; the trees and animals will make you appreciate yourself more.

Follow Plus Sized Icons & Activists On Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools to find literally anything on this earth. You can use this to your advantage. Following plus sized models, activists, and other celebrities that you can relate to. Their stories will definitely motivate you and give you a reason to want more.

To help you with this amazing process of self discovery, I encourage you to purchase my new book titled, A Fat Girl’s Confidence. My book will open your eyes to so many important facts that you never realized was necessary. Consider this book a tool and a manual for loving yourself and becoming your number one priority.

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